Whether you are seeking guidance, clarity, healing or a deeper connection to your inner self, our sessions provide a safe and supportive space for you.

Our approach is deeply rooted in empathy and a commitment to your well-being. Conducted with the utmost respect and confidentiality, our readings are crafted to empower you, providing insights and tools that help you navigate life with confidence and grace.

Feel free to explore our offerings and discover all that speaks to your soul.

Step into the realm of channeled wisdom and spiritual guidance with an in-depth 30-minute or 1 Hour Tarot and Oracle reading. Conducted over Zoom, this session offers a personalised journey using The Ethereal Alchemist Tarot and The Divine Initiation Oracle decks, designed to provide deep clarity and answers to your most pressing questions.

What to Expect:

⬙  In-Depth Exploration: Over the course of 30-minutes or an hour, we will dive deep into multiple aspects of your life, addressing your specific questions and concerns.

⬙  Comprehensive Guidance: Whether you seek clarity on relationships, career, or personal growth, each card will reveal insights tailored to your unique situation.

⬙  Interactive Experience: Engage in a meaningful dialogue as we explore the messages and symbols, providing you with actionable insights and spiritual wisdom.

Why Choose This Session: With my intuitive expertise and the powerful combination of The Ethereal Alchemist Tarot and Divine Initiation Oracle, you will receive a comprehensive and nuanced perspective on your life’s challenges and opportunities. This session is perfect for those looking to make informed decisions, gain deeper understanding and embrace their spiritual journey with more confidence and clarity.

Unlock the transformative power of energy alignment with a personalised 1:1 Chakra Reading and Energy Healing session. In this exclusive 30-minute or 1 hour session conducted over Zoom, I will offer you insights and intuitive guidance to help you achieve balance and harmony, all from the comfort of your own space.

What to Expect With Your 30 minute 1:1 Session:

⬙ Aura Cleansing: Begin your journey with a soothing aura cleanse to clear away any negative or stagnant energies.

⬙ Chakra Exploration: We will delve into the seven focal points of your Chakras, each corresponding to different aspects of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

⬙ Healing Tools: I will use a combination of healing crystals and my trusted pendulum to pinpoint areas that need extra attention.

What to Expect With Your 1 Hour 1:1 Session:

All of The Above and Beyond

⬙ Divination Support: For added clarity and direction, if requested, we can incorporate Tarot and Oracle card readings into your session to deepen your understanding and provide comprehensive guidance.

⬙ Asking Deeper Questions For Further Guidance: Throughout our time together, you are welcome to ask any questions that come to mind. I will connect with your higher self, your angels and your spiritual guides if needed.

Why Choose This Session: With my deep intuitive abilities and extensive knowledge of the Chakra system, I will help you gain valuable insights into your energy centres and guide you towards restoring their equilibrium. Whether you're seeking inner peace, personal growth or simply a clearer understanding of yourself, this Chakra Reading is a powerful gateway to accessing your highest potential.