Hi! I'm Valentina, the heart and soul behind Valchemy Art. As an artist, author and publisher, I channel visions from higher realms aiming to inspire and guide those seeking to connect with their higher selves and navigate their ascension path.

My inspiration and creativity are deeply influenced by the countries I have explored, the experiences I have accumulated and the beautiful souls I have encountered along the way. My travel experiences have provided me with a rich tapestry of cultural insights and artistic perspectives that inform my work.

Each design is a reflection of my journey—a journey not just through ancient lands and realms, but also through the depths of my own soul blueprint. My artwork is an invitation for you to join me in this sacred exploration, where we can together uncover hidden truths within ourselves.

Through my artistic expressions, I strive to create a bridge between the earthly and the divine. Each design and each book is a vessel of higher wisdom and loving energy. I believe that art has the power to heal, to enlighten and to awaken the soul to its highest potential.

Thank you for stepping into this sacred space. Whether you are drawn to my art, my words or the energy that flows through this space, I hope you find inspiration and guidance for your own evolutionary path.